KiDS Diabetes Awareness Program in schools​​

Ministry of Public Health announced the implementation of KiDS Diabetes Awareness (KiDS) program in several schools in the State of Qatar, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Sanofi

KiDS Diabetes Awareness Program in schools​​
Source: Ministry of Public Health 

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According to the Ministry of Public Health, this came during an event held at Maryam Bint Omran Primary School for Girls, in the presence of representatives from the ministries and Sanofi.

The main objective of KiDS program is to raise awareness in schools about the prevention of type I diabetes and how to manage it, with a focus on the risk factors associated with type II diabetes.  It is estimated that 10% of patients with diabetes in MENA region currently have type 1 diabetes, the most prevalent disease among children. 
The program seeks to educate students, teachers and parents about diabetes and its risk factors. This program is also in line with the theme of the World Diabetes Day "Education to Protect Tomorrow", where diabetics need to receive continuous education to properly manage the disease.
Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani, Director of Public Health Department at the Ministry of Public Health, said: " Schools are an important setting for innovative diabetes prevention and management for children. They can advocate for and support children with diabetes by understanding their monitoring and treatment needs, assisting with appropriate food choices, promoting physical activity, among other considerations. "KiDS Diabetes Awareness Program in schools” will involve teachers, school staff, students, family members, and healthcare providers and invite them to work together in collaboration with MOPH and key partners. We would like to highlight the importance of conducting thorough evaluations to adjust and improve this program which will improve school policies on diabetes in line with the objectives of Qatar Diabetes Strategy, Public Health Strategy, and National Health Strategy, and it contributes to achieving the goal of (healthy population, physically and psychologically) in Qatar National vision 2030 “.
Mr. Mohammed Al Maraghi, Director of the Health and   Safety Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, said: "We are pleased to partner with the Ministry of Public Health and Sanofi in implementing the  KiDS program  in number of schools, which will contribute to providing a supportive environment for children with diabetes, Provide guidance on diabetes management and help students in schools understand the risk factors, symptoms and complications associated with diabetes through the use of a number of educational strategies and learning resources."
Niven Al Khoury, General Manager, General Medicines KSA & Gulf MCO, Sanofi , said: "Sanofi has been actively engaged in the prevention and control of diabetes for years through a variety of treatments and specialised care options for diabetic patients. To implement the KiDS program globally, we are pleased to continue our collaboration with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD). To execute the program across the country, we are cooperating closely with Ministries of Public Health and Education and Higher Education. This exemplifies our efforts to ensure a healthy future for all children in Qatar."
“We are pleased and proud of our collaboration closely with the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Education and Higher Education to implement the KiDS program enhancing Diabetes education and awareness to children in Qatar schools as per our Social commitment to ensure healthy future of Children in Qatar.”
Dr. Kholoud Ateeq K M Al-Motawaa, Head of Non-Communicable Diseases, Head of the Diabetes Program, and Co-Chair of the National Diabetes Committee at the Ministry of Public Health, said: "The strategic pillar of patient empowerment within National Diabetes Strategy in the State of Qatar aims to help patients with diabetes to self-manage their disease, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and improve their overall health. Daily insulin injections, routine blood sugar self-monitoring, healthy diet, and physical activity are essential to controlling type one diabetes.
The KiDS Diabetes Awareness Program was launched in 2013 by the International Diabetes Federation, the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes and Sanofi. It aims to raise awareness about diabetes among children by participating in fun and gratifying games. The KiDS booth provides a range of educational activities, where children, parents and teachers can participate in various educational activities. The program seeks to engage participants through an educational journey that includes several diabetes awareness stations that emphasize the value of fostering healthy habits and lifestyles at an early age. 
KiDS has played a key role in raising awareness about diabetes, reaching more than 10 countries.

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