A successful “Back to School” event at Doha Festival City

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in collaboration with Mowasalat Company (Karwa), hosted a successful “Back to School” event at Doha Festival City

A successful “Back to School” event at Doha Festival City
Source: Ministry of Education 

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As part of the "Back to School" campaign activities at Doha Festival City complex, the organizers of the "Back to School" campaign for the academic year 2022/2023 were honored by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The Ministry's Public Relations and Communication Department granted certificates of thanks and appreciation to "Back to School" campaign participants as well as the campaign partners, Mowasalat (Karwa) and the Doha Festival City teams, who actively contributed to the campaign's success from last Saturday, 13/8/2022 to Saturday, 20/8/2022.

On his part, Mr. Khaled Hassan Kafud, Director of Media and Government Relations at Mowasalat Company (Karwa), said: "Through this event, we were keen to involve students and raise their awareness of the importance of mass transportation in reducing carbon emissions and preserving the green environment through the use of school buses. There were activities to educate students about factors of safety on the bus with the start of the new school year.

Mowasalat Company (Karwa) provides school buses with the highest safety standards, conforming to standard specifications, and the latest technologies, such as cameras and sensors distributed throughout the bus to alert the driver when any student approaches the bus. It also monitors the condition of the bus through a central operations room to ensure efficient operation and rapid intervention in emergency situations, as well as the provision of mobile maintenance buses distributed in a number of locations, in addition to training all drivers prior to the start of the school year through specialized trainers at Karwa Driving School to ensure the students safety during school trips.

Robert Hull, General Manager of Doha Festival City, said: “Following the huge success of the "Back to School" campaign that we conclude today, we extend our thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Mowasalat (Karwa) for choosing Doha Festival City as a partner in the “Back to School" campaign. We look forward to more cooperation with them and other partners, in line with the #FestivalCares program (With knowledge, we build Qatar) that seeks to develop the Qatari community.

The campaign received a positive response from over 2,000 visitors shortly after its launch. Children and students received approximately 2,265 special gifts, “with Your Health First", Weill Cornell receiving 3,085 gifts.

The campaign met its goal by introducing the initiative through a variety of activities, such as face painting, teaching children to color with pencils, installing Karwa bus models (the puzzle game), electronic educational games, and learning about health and safety procedures inside the school bus, such as the importance of wearing a seat belt and placing the school bag in its designated location, as well as the corner of the healthy food awareness session for children and students.

The Health and Safety Department also contributed to the "Back to School" campaign for the fourth time, emphasizing the department's expertise in educating students about the concept of health, school security and safety, and prevention methods based on the Department's vision of providing a healthy, safe, and sound environment for students in Qatari schools. The department was distinguished by its participation in each campaign to introduce the pillars of health and safety in general, with a focus on the pillar of "Healthy Nutrition" and "Security and Safety"; In order to raise the level of health and security awareness among students and parents.

It is worth noting that the "Back to School" campaign under the slogan "With Knowledge we build Qatar" aims to prepare students to return to school in a positive atmosphere of learning and fun.​

Source: Ministry of Education 

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