Ministry, Transportation Entities Mark National Sport Day 2023

The Ministry of Transport and transportation sector entities today marked the National Sport Day 2023 with exciting sporting and recreational events for employees and their family members

Ministry, Transportation Entities Mark National Sport Day 2023
Source: Ministry of Transport

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According to the Ministry of Transport, this year’s celebrations were held at Al Sa’ad Plaza in Darb Lusail. The Ministry was joined by the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA), Qatar Aeronautical College (QAC), Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani Qatar), the Hamad Port Project Steering Committee, Qatar Navigation (Milaha), QTerminals, Qatar Rail and Mowasalat (Karwa).

Today’s program was rich with multiple activities such as walking, fitness exercises, and recreational competitions for all ages.

“The National Sport Day reflects our leadership’s vision for the importance of sport for building humans and a healthy, productive society that is capable of effectively contributing to the country’s development and progress,” said Minister of Transport H.E. Jassim Saif Ahmed Al-Sulaiti.

Qatar, he added, is now showcasing a world role model in terms of paying attention to sport and the exceptional success in hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 emphasizes its creative initiatives in the sporting field.

He stressed on the Ministry’s interest in taking part in the National Sport Day along with transportation entities to raise awareness of the importance of sport and its key role for community development and welfare, and to promote the practice of sport amongst all people to become part of a healthier lifestyle.

Today’s events saw a large participation from senior officials and employees from the transportation industry and their family members, creating an excellent environment of high spirits and exuberance.

On this occasion, H.E. Sheikh Jabor Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Director General of the Qatar Aeronautical Academy, said the main goal of the Sports Day is to promote sports by raising the level of health awareness in the community, and to educate citizens and residents about active lifestyles and ways to reduce physical and psychological health risks. The celebration of the Sports Day also reflects the interest that the State of Qatar attaches to sports and physical health.

Whereas, at Qatar Aeronautical Academy, we highlight all sports activities to create an interactive and active community.

Qatar Aeronautical Academy's interest in the Sports Day comes from the academy's belief in the importance of physical sports, and to encourage students and staff of the academy to pay attention to the physical aspect of sports because of its importance in the educational stage of their lives. In addition, the message of the Sports Day aims at the importance of sport in the life of every member of the society.

He also stressed the importance of Sports Day to instill a culture of a healthy mind in a healthy body. HE called on all members of the academy and community to practice sports continuously and at all times of the year, and to make it a way of life.

The generous initiative launched by H.H. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, regarding the establishment of the State’s Sports Day to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030, reflects the extent of the State’s interest and investment in the human being, who represents the basis of development. The organizations participating in this day are keen to promote and support this vision to expand the base of participants in practicing sports and caring for a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Mohamed Faleh Alhajri, in charge of managing the QCAA said the Sport Day carries an important message that clearly reflects Qatar's interest in sports and the enhancement of its role in the lives of individuals to make the Qatari society a strong and healthy one. This day also embodies the keenness of the wise leadership to establish the concept of sport as a societal culture, to consolidate this culture and raise awareness of its importance and make it part of our daily lives, which is in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, where sound investment in the human element is one of the four pillars of this vision.

Over the years, we have witnessed the great interest of Qatar in the sports sector which was embodied in dedicating an annual day to it, so that Qatar is the first in the world to launch such initiatives to create a new lifestyle that raises awareness of the importance of sport and enhances interest in the habits that reflect positively on the members of society.

Celebrating this day every year encourages everyone to practice it due to its significance and the great health values and benefits it bears and its positive impact on various lifestyles, in addition to the role of the Sport Day in empowering and strengthening the bonds of human social relations through the various events and activities that accompany this event. Therefore, we must achieve the main goal of the Sport Day, which is to be an incentive to continue practicing sports permanently and consider it a long-term lifestyle for everyone.

Mwani Qatar’s CEO Capt. Abdulla Mohamed Al-Khanji, said on the National Sports Day: “This year’s Sports Day activities are the culmination of the dazzling success achieved by the State of Qatar by hosting one of the big sports events in the world. Hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has placed the country in the global spotlight and demonstrated the insightful vision of our wise leadership that has been embodied in our daily lives and contributed to spreading the culture of sports to build up a healthier and fitter society”.

Mwani Qatar's participation in the activities of the National Sports Day of the Ministry of Transport stems from its keenness to spread sports awareness and encourage people to engage in physical and sports activities to enhance fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship among employees, their families, and the community, Al-Khanji added.

He said that the wide participation on the National Sport Day shows the increasing awareness of members of the community to the importance of exercise and its positive impact on health, indicating that Mwani Qatar looks forward for sport being part of the daily program for all its members, out of its belief in the importance of sport and physical activities for public health and building healthy societies, which It is the basis of sustainable development.

On this occasion, Mr. Fahad Saad Al Qahtani, Mowasalat (Karwa) CEO, said "We are grateful to the State of Qatar for promoting sports as a main pillar of investment in human capital. Today’s activities are a key motivator for raising awareness of the importance of sport in our lives as individuals and as a society. We gladly participate in the activities organized by the Ministry of Transport, which offer many options to get active for our employees and their families. At Mowasalat, we support a healthy and balanced lifestyle wherever we can. This directly reflects positively on our staff morale and productivity and adds to our efforts for the state goal of achieving the Qatar National Vision 2023."

Mr. Neville Bissett, GCEO of QTerminals, said “We are pleased to participate in the activities of the National Sports Day and support the Qatar National Vision 2030. National Sports Day contributes to creating awareness among society of the importance of sport and its health benefits. It also encourages society to follow a healthy lifestyle and to have an interest in fitness for its role in developing the human spirit and its impact on all aspects of life.”

He added: "Participating in such events and supporting Qatar's directions are key values of our company, and we demonstrate this through our contribution to achieving its national vision."

Eng. Nabil Mohammed AlKhaldi, Hamad Port Project Executive Director, confirmed that there is an increasing turnout that we are witnessing year after year in the number of participants in the National Sport Day’s activities. Also, we are proud of our participation under the umbrella of the Ministry of Transport, to emphasis the importance of sports and raise the spirit of participation and consolidate between employees and their families, as much as Sport is a lifestyle to establish a healthy society combine of all ages and nationalities.

Mr. Khalifa Hassan Al Jehani, Chief of Corporate Support at Qatar Railways company (Qatar Rail), said “We are pleased to join the Ministry of Transport in marking Qatar National Sports Day. Year after year, this occasion has played an integral role in raising awareness on sports and how it can transform people lives and encouraged them to be active throughout the year.”

He added: “In line of Qatar National Vision 2030 and specifically Human Development Pillar, Qatar Rail has adopted several programs to support employee’s health including regular sports gathering and work wellness program which focus on encouraging the adoption of a healthy and active lifestyle for a better well-being.”

“Sport Day is an important event, which celebrates the importance of sport and physical activity in our lives. The benefits of sport and physical activity are not limited to physical health only but can also have a profound effect on our well-being and mental health, as well as providing an opportunity for social interaction and instill sportsmanship in the society.”, He noted.

Milaha said, “Today we are pleased to participate in Sports Day activities. Exercising sport in State of Qatar has become a social and a healthy behavior that practiced by many people to enhance their health and wellbeing. So, let me seize this opportunity to urge all of you to practicing any sport activity to reduce risk of getting sick, enhancing immune system, adjusting mood, increase positivity and promoting mental health”.

The day came to an end in an excellent environment. Participants hailed it was well organized and rich with activities and events that ignited the spirit of participation and competition.

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