State schools participate in the World Cup Cultures Day

A number of state schools organized many events last Thursday, October 20, to introduce the Day of Cultures of the participating nations in the 2022 World Cup as part of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education's support for the nation's efforts to host the FIFA World Cup

State schools participate in the World Cup Cultures Day
Source: Ministry of Education 

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According to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the students learned about the civilizations of these nations, their most significant landmarks, profiles of their peoples, and heritage arts, as well as their participation in previous World Cups, the nations that won the championship, and the most important players in their teams, during these events, which also included a review of many of the cultures of the World Cup participants. The schools also worked to review the Qatari heritage and games old folk.

In this regard, Al-Shorouk Model School for Boys celebrated Culture Day on Thursday, coinciding with Qatar's largest hosting of the World Cup, with the involvement of all the teaching and administrative personnel as well as the students of the school.

The event included a presentation of a model of the life of the Qatari society in the past in a special corner that includes heritage collectibles, folk games, traditional costumes, customs and traditions of the people of the desert, in addition to the football field.

The students of the school displayed their abilities and talents in the arts, such as drawing and coloring their Qatari environment and linking the present with the past.

The event also included a review of the heritage of the sister countries and some arts in these countries and pictures of their civilization and its most important landmarks, as they reviewed the heritage of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Mesopotamia, the Republic of Iraq, as well as the heritage and civilizations of “Maghreb countries" such as Tunisia and Algeria.

It also reviewed a special pavilion of the ancient Egyptian civilization school, the most important modern landmarks of the Arab Republic of Egypt, its cultural heritage and the most important folk arts.

The school teachers prepared these suites, where the students got acquainted with the most important features of the sister countries, their cultural heritage, the most important folk arts and their ancient and modern culture.

 On the other hand, the Childhood Department at Al Wakra Primary School worked on presenting the entertainment day program (the cultures of the countries participating in the World Cup in Qatar 2022) on last Thursday, October 20, 2022.

The entertaining day began with the school principal, Mrs. Naima Boucherbak Al Mansouri, giving the opening speech of the program, in the presence of a number of parents, administrative and teaching staff, and students in the Early Childhood Department.

The headmistress of the school also introduced the main goal of implementing this activity, stressing that Qatar's hosting of this global event is a great achievement for the entire Arab world, pointing out that the Qatari people enjoy generous hospitality and welcome all the different cultures of the countries participating in the World Cup.

The director of the school indicated that organizing this day emphasizes the love of the Qatari people in introducing the new generation to other countries' cultures, arts and cultural heritage, as well as introducing others to the ancient heritage of the Qatari people and the modernity that Qatar is currently experiencing under the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar.

The activities of the entertainment day at Al Wakra Primary School included presenting a busy program that included many popular games presented by the physical education department in the school. Cognitive and linguistic activities and educational games were implemented to enhance the various skills of the students and enrich their public and private information about sports of all kinds and its positive impact on health, the body, and their mental and intellectual abilities.

In the same context, the Early Education Department at Maimouna Primary School for Girls presented the cultural forum for the countries participating in the World Cup, through a program filled with the participation of school students.

The program included introducing the students to many different cultures of the peoples of the countries participating in the World Cup in order to enhance the knowledge, values, cultural and sports diversity of the school's students, and to learn about other cultures and the different sports they include and the heritage of those countries in terms of customs and traditions. The students of the school also made presentations about the old Qatari heritage which included folk games and the old traditional costume.

The students expressed their happiness with this entertaining day, during which they got acquainted with many different cultures from many countries of the world participating in the World Cup, stressing their pride in Qatar's hosting of this international sporting event, which indicates the greatness of the State of Qatar and its ability to host the largest major international sporting events.

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