The Ministry of Municipality Organizes the Introductory Meeting

The meeting was on the Prohibition of the Occupancy of Roads and Public Squares with Neglected Vehicles

The Ministry of Municipality Organizes the Introductory Meeting
Source: Ministry of Municipality

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In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Department of Public Affairs, the Ministry of Municipality, represented by Doha Municipality, organized an introductory meeting this morning (Wednesday) on the prohibition of the occupancy of roads, sidewalks and public squares with neglected vehicles, so as to highlight and municipal laws in this regard.

With the participation of a number of representatives of communities in the State of Qatar, such meeting aims at raising awareness of violations of municipal laws regarding the occupancy of roads, sidewalks and public squares with trucks and neglected vehicles. Such matter affects the aesthetic view of the state, causes environmental damage, and hinders the work of strategic projects.

In his opening speech at the introductory meeting, Mr. Mansour Ajran Al Buainain, Director of Doha Municipality, said that such meeting with representatives of communities in the State of Qatar comes within the framework of the Ministry's keenness, represented by Doha Municipality, to open new horizons for dialogue and joint work with all members of society in order to serve the public interest. It aspires to promote the quality of life, achieve safety standards, improve the urban landscape of cities and public places and reduce visual pollution. Doha Municipality is keen to organize this meeting to announce that it is conducting a campaign to raise awareness of the need not to occupy squares, streets and sidewalks with neglected vehicles and temporary buildings without a license. Such campaign comes as an effort to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the city, and to introduce the provisions of Law No. 18 of 2017 on public hygiene, which contributes to improving public behaviors and enhancing the sense of responsibility among community groups. Mr. Mansour Ajran Al Buainain noted that with the aim of enhancing community participation, there will be a series of other forums including various topics.

He underlined that this meeting aims to activate the awareness role along with the supervisory role by strengthening the bonds of cooperation and integration and building bridges of constructive discussions. A number of representatives of communities in the State of Qatar have been invited to attend this significant meeting to provide guidance on laws.

Furthermore, the Director of the Municipality of Doha expressed his sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Interior for its cooperation and support to lead such meeting to success along with the efforts of the Municipality of Doha in general. He also thanked the representatives of the communities residing in the State for their presence and responsiveness in cooperating with the Municipality in such awareness campaign aimed at preserving the urban image of the city.

For his part, Mr. Salem Al Shafi, Director of the Municipal Control Department in Doha Municipality, said that the philosophy and strategy of the ministry's work, based on the vision and directions of H.E. the Minister of Municipality, encourage the Municipality to embrace this event. Such event aims at opening the horizons and ways of community dialogue and joint work among the municipal sector in the ministry and all concerned institutions and authorities to develop the work environment in the interest of all in order to achieve the desired goals.

In his speech, Mr. Salem Al Shafi explained that the introductory meeting aims to clarify the types of risks, the most important causes of food poisoning and the methods followed to avoid the same and to spread awareness. This is in addition to providing the necessary guidance to workers to raise the level of safety during all stages of the food chain in order to produce safe and healthy food.

Al Shafi expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Mansour Ajran Al Buainin, Director of Doha Municipality, for his continuous support for all the participations and events adopted by the Municipality through its leading role in various fields.

The communities' representatives in the State of Qatar attending the meeting praised the initiative of the Municipality of Doha to hold the meeting and expressed their interest in cooperating with the Municipality to upgrade and preserve the cities as per the public interest.

In the same context, Mr. Hamad Sultan Al-Shahwani, Head of the Public Control Department in Doha Municipality, gave a presentation on the necessary instructions for raising awareness about the laws of the municipality and the prohibition of parking trucks and vehicles among residential neighborhoods and in places other than those designated therefor. This is in addition to introducing the sites designated for parking vehicles, trucks, and equipment. He also called for the need to avoid the phenomenon of indiscriminate dumping of waste and the distortion of the roofs of buildings, facades, and balconies in residential neighborhoods. In addition to avoiding the grouping of workers' housing among residential neighborhoods inhabited by families.

On the sidelines of the induction meeting, a meeting was held between the officials of the Ministry of Municipality, the heads of the communities, and the MOI representative of public relations in the meeting room of the Ministry's Headquarter. During the meeting, the communities' awareness plans have been discussed along with the messages addressed thereto.

Source: Ministry of Municipality 

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